George Kelly made a name for himself as a young ambitious writer with his palm on the heartbeat of urban culture. His prolific work began as a teenager, completing his first novel Cutthroat City when he was just 18. George’s style has been described by editors as edgy and raw. He is not afraid to confront contentious subject matter, and prides himself on his ability to court controversy and intelligent debate.

George has worked as head writer for Treite Labs (founded by Tre Azam of The Apprentice), where he developed an animation series aimed at combating knife crime. He has co-written film scripts with feature film director Regan Hall (Fast Girls, 3 Hours). He also co-wrote and performed a weekly YouTube comedy series (The Debassion Show) which gained a significant audience up until its final episode in 2012. He was signed to the Eve White literary agency at the age of 24, but left on good terms in 2014 to pursue other projects. 

Outside of his writing work, George has become a household name in the rap battle scene under his stage name “Enigma”, and regularly performs on Don’t Flop, the UK’s biggest battle rap league. His success in this field has taken him on tour around England and to Outlook Festival in Croatia.

He’s currently signed to Juliet Pickering at the Blake Friedmann Literary agency, and is preparing his latest crime novel for publication.