With over seven years’ experience working on a variety of editing projects (both fiction and non-fiction), I can ensure a fast, thorough and professional job. If you require a particular service that you can’t see here, email your request and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you. 

Standard Edit

The standard edit is perfect for authors who require minimal editorial input. If you only want your work to be polished and tightened, this is the package for you. Your spelling and grammatical errors will be fixed, and your manuscript will be formatted in the correct structure. However, your writing flaws, character contrivances, and plot issues will be left for you to clean up. 

For instance, take something rough like this below: 


Using Track Changes in Microsoft Word, your spelling and grammar gets tidied up, punctuation is added or subtracted, and sentences and paragraphs are indented where necessary.

The above piece ends up looking like this:

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Once you accept the changes (you don’t have to: Word gives you the option to reject them), the final copy will look like this: 

Website TingsHowever, there are still issues . . . which is where the comprehensive edit comes in. 

Comprehensive Edit

With this service you get everything from the standard edit, plus more. Your work will be combed for continuity errors, inconsistency with characters/themes, repetition of key phrases or words, cogency of arguments, believability of character motivations, plot issues (including loopholes, overall cohesiveness, structure, and story implausibilities), scene relevance, and much more. 

If you’ve paid for a comprehensive edit, the earlier piece would look something like this:

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This service is for those who merely want an opinion on their novel or short story. Your piece is read with a critical eye, and then you’ll receive a report breaking down the positive and negative attributes of your work. If any areas need improving, this is noted, along with ideas or solutions on how to rectify the issue. Any instances of poor writing or wooden dialogue is pointed out, and again, alternatives are offered.

Overall, the report will be a minimum of one page, but possibly a lot more depending on the state of the work. With this service you’ll be able to identify key areas that you can work on, which will help to shape your work into something stronger, deeper, and more saleable. If there is a particular section you would like analysed, please mention this in your email.

Ghostwriting/Content Writing

If you need any writing work undertaken (novels, short stories, non-fiction, etc.), please email here to discuss it further. 

Pricing and Submissions

If you’re interested in any of the services above, you can find more information on the Pricing & Submissions page