Numerous clients have benefited from my editing/ghostwriting services in the last seven years. Here’s what people are saying:

“George has been instrumental in helping me refine early drafts of my work. He gives excellent feedback, and is always able to drill down on crucial points that need extra attention. I’d recommend him to anybody looking to write better stories and hone their craft.”

Rob Boffard, author of Tracer (buy it here) and Zero-G (buy it here). 

“George Kelly has the eye of an eagle, the patience of a saint, and the brilliant ability to know how to rearrange a book so it’s more enthralling for the reader. Highly recommended!”

Emmy Ellis, author of Murder Game. (Buy it here.) 

“George is an excellent and experienced editor and proofreader. He is reliable and has a great eye for detail. We use him regularly to edit our in-depth reports and are always impressed with his work. He can follow style-guides, as well as tone-of-voice documents, and integrate the stipulations seamlessly into the work. Our clients are frequently Fortune 500 companies so we need editors we can trust, which is why we frequently turn to George.”

Edward Bowyer, Director of WPL.

“George is the first person I go to for help and feedback if I’m stuck when writing a song. He has edited music video treatments, lyrics, layouts of verses, and provided me with many much-needed sparks of inspiration whenever I’ve drawn a blank.”

Francis Aaron, musician and rapper. Check out his music here.

“A friend of mine who typically edits my books was indisposed and recommended George for my new project. At first, I was a little leery about working with a new editor located so far away, but I must say that I was extremely satisfied with the end results. The communication was very good and George is an EXTREMELY good editor. He completed the project in a timely fashion and his rates are reasonable. I would not hesitate to use George on further projects and would HIGHLY recommend him to others seeking an independent editing service. There was NO WAY I would have pulled off this highly intricate project without his help!”

Scott Leddy, author. Check his website here and his Facebook page here.

“George worked on my book ‘Lying Fully Clothed’. I didn’t realise how poor my grammar was until he tore it apart. However, it was a job well done.”

Dear Rob, author of Lying Fully Clothed: Exposing The Naked Truth About Men. (Buy it here.)

“I worked with George Kelly on my debut children’s book (Herbert the Turbot). He edited it superbly, proofreading and forensically spotting bad English and contradictions in the story and those ‘this-just-doesn’t-work’ moments, as well as dealing with the spelling, punctuation and formatting. He was helpful and was always available to talk through the many changes, comments, suggestions and ideas he threw into the mix. He has since worked on several of my short stories. Highly recommend.”

Maurice Ticulous, author of Herbert The Turbot. (Buy it here.) 

“I reached out to George after reading some of his posts on writing. The advice he gave me was surprising and invaluable. George had the ability to really critique my writing, highlighting areas I should concentrate on for future writing, and habits I should break out of if I would like to continue this as a serious pursuit. Without a doubt it was the most in-depth and professional help I have received to date.”

Jordana Ferial, writer. Check some of Jordana’s work here

“George used to be a regular contributor to our blog. His articulate and witty style of writing stood out from the rest. He wouldn’t just write an article, he would craft and construct it. Meaning the results would be an accomplished, conceptual read for all our readers. His articles received over 5,000 views on a regular basis. A very charismatic writer with a great future ahead of him.”

Darren Laurence, founder of UK Football Finder.

“I’ve worked with George on and off for the past decade. We’ve co-written a film together, and he also worked in my office for a year, undertaking numerous writing and editing tasks on my behalf. His behaviour at all times was professional, and he completed his work to a high standard. I’d highly recommend his services.”

Regan Hall, director of Fast Girls. Check his website here

“George Kelly is the best kind of influence to have as an aspiring author. As a critic he accepts nothing but your best, seeing your potential and forcing you to unlock it. A true asset.”

Thomas Russell, writer. Read some of Thomas’s short stories here. 

“Whenever I need feedback or advice on a story or article I’ve written, George is the man I hit up. Not only does he have a sharp eye for mistakes, but he knows the difference between good and bad writing. I can always rely on his opinion being honest and helpful. He looks like an ass but this guy is a valuable asset to the writing community.

Plus, he was the one that inspired me to express my thoughts via blogs and now I get paid to write. Thank you sir!”

Teef, writer. Check some of Teef’s work here

“Finding an editor that could meet our needs at short notice pre-launch for The Food Sauce was a truly taxing task for us until we came across editor George Kelly via a recommendation. His style of writing copy as well as attention to detail gave us confidence when drafting/planning copy for our online content.

We can honestly say that with him on board he has allowed us to focus on other sides of our business whilst at the same time captivating our audience as he is ‘the go-to guy’ for our editorial edits both online & offline.”

Colin Mordi, founder of The Food Sauce

“George Kelly edited two novellas for me, one a slapstick boys’ day out called ‘Uncle Schultz Day’ and another crime story called ‘How to Treat a Butterfly’. He was an incredible help for me and steered me through the arcane editing process with charm and patience. He worked to a schedule and always delivered. Several drafts of both books were written and George seemed to take it all in his stride. A thorough, thoughtful and comprehensive editing service. Thank you, George.”

Vincent Topaz-Watson, author of Uncle Schultz Day. (Buy it here.) 

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